The needs such as fast transfer, security and quiet operation come to the fore in dense baggage and cargo traffic, which is the natural result of the rapidly increasing airport and the number of passengers. In addition to meeting these needs, Gürses Industrial has various features and alternatives such as flame retardancy, high abrasion resistance, low elongation coefficient, different surface patterns, high antistatic carbon fibers, high bearing capacity, oil and chemical resistance, resistance to open weather conditions and easy cleaning. From the in-weighing point to X-Ray, detector, picking / grading, cornering and plane loading, it offers a specially developed conveyor belt for all flat and inclined areas, and industrial power transmission and process belt alternatives specifically designed for a variety of applications.

Efficiency and continuity of service in commercial cargo and mail distribution centers are indispensable for organizations operating in this field. Gürses Industrial meets the needs of the industry with its product features such as transverse rigid or flexible weaving, low friction coefficient surface design, silent operation in the fields of distribution, collection, optical reader classification, inclined transfers and cornering applications.

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