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About Gürses Industrial

We derive our strength from the dynamic blend of our experience, which dates back to the 1950s, with our recent breakthrough moves. This valuable blend puts the importance of reputation and trust into our minds and creates motivation for the goals to be achieved.

In addition to the Kayseri and Kocaeli apparel facilities, GÜRSES Industrial has a wide dealer network in Kayseri, Istanbul, Izmir Regional Directorates and as a strategic partner to provide the best service to end users, with PVC / PU / PE / TPEE / Silicone / Rubber conveyors and process belts all over the country. Continues to strengthen the position of PU / Rubber industrial power transmission and process belts and technical industry hoses by presenting garments and rolls.

Our Mission & Vision

Our main vision is to be an exemplary company by continuing to be the best in our region in all services we provide with unconditional satisfaction and satisfaction of our customers and employees.

Our mission is;

  • To maximize customer satisfaction by providing high standard and high quality service,
  • Respecting the time and rights of our customers
  • Increasing the satisfaction and morale of our employees
  • To fulfill our responsibilities to humanity, environment and universal values
  • In line with the new and inevitable realities brought by the information age, to solve the needs of businesses with their identity as a partner by seeing, looking and understanding.



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